When baking with sticky ingredients such as honey or corn syrup. Spray your measuring cup with nonstick spray before adding in the honey. The sticky honey will slide right out!
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Chocolate Healthy or Not?
Chocolate Healthy Dark Chocolate, dark chocolate frosting

Stop the press, hold the phone and forget about that diet! Scientists have now proven DARK chocolate (my very favorite) is now healthy and good to eat on a daily basis. If you are one who CRAVES chocolate, are a pre-menopausal or post menopausal woman, are a child, work in a chocolate factory, etc; this is the greatest thing to be discovered since sliced bread. To you non-believers; this proves “There is a GOD!” Amen…

These brilliant men and women have opened the floodgates to candy counters and bakeries worldwide. Now housewives can start making those delicious cakes she used to before Vegans (veggie and soy only eaters) said it was taboo to eat foods tasting like anything other than straw. I’m excited! I’m elated! I’m throwing my hat in the air. We can now have 50 grams of DARK chocolate per day to improve our health. Hallelujah!
Two ounces of dark chocolate, (70% chocolate solid) has now been proven to improve heart disease and blood pressure; plus adds much needed nutrients to the body such as: iron, calcium, potassium, and several essential daily vitamins. A 1&1/2 square of this fabulous chocolate has as many cancer anti-toxins as a glass of red wine. (To you Vegans who need to wash down that dry meal with a glass of bubbly, you're off the hook, and may not become a wino after all.) Have a piece of chocolate cake instead.
50% of all food cravings are chocolate. Some folks even claim they are chocolate addicts, (like me, who gets the shakes without a good ‘healthy’ portion every day.) But remember, one needs to curb the other calories of the day if you happen to go on a chocolate binge or you may have to join the circus as the main attraction, “Fat man or lady.”
Chocolate healthy or not; no matter what rich concoction you may find it in, taste is the main draw to the delights of chocolate. Cravings play a big part in wanting only chocolate to satisfy, but a pleasurable chemical reaction in those cute little endorphins in the brain also have been proven to be part of our love of chocolate. This is one area we Americans lag behind in consumption though. Folks in Switzerland consume 22 pounds of chocolate per year, the Swedish 17 pounds and we consume approximately 15 pounds on average, per person, per year.
Caffeine worries, no way! One serving of dark chocolate contains less caffeine than a cup of DECAFFEINATED coffee. Any energy burst you may get from chocolate is most likely from the sugars added, not the chocolate itself. Only old-fashioned Hershey's cocoa is the healthy drink to choose when preparing hot chocolate vs. coffee. So when you need a change from your morning decaf, reach for the deep rich flavor of chocolate. Or skip liquids altogether and have a big piece of chocolate cake to start your day (a much better idea in my book).
A word of CAUTION: This information applies only to DARK chocolate when beating the drum for health benefits.

Now that my cravings have been peeked, I can’t help but pass along a fool-proof, wonderfully rich, homemade, dark chocolate cake recipe you can serve within an hour of starting the recipe: My husband’s favorite…. Yummy!


Dark Chocolate healthy or not, written by Tamara Hillman.

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User Comments


Did you say you're on a diet?
No desserts for 20 years?
Do you pass the cake and candy sections
With some heartfelt sighs and tears?

Go ahead !! Bake those gooey
Sticky sweet forbidden things.
But first put on your jogging outfit.
Your tennis shoes and exercise fling.

Run in place while stirring;
Time your cakes with jumping jacks.
Ten deep knee bends between ingredients.
Use that kitchen for a workout track.

And when you're out of breath and panting.
Pot holders around your prize.
Jog to the nearest 90 pound neighbor
And leave her your 1000 calorie surprise!

Nothing says "I Love You" more than a surprise dessert made from one of our homemade cake recipes.

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Suppling Tips for Healthy Homemade Cakes

When Baking with Butter:

Room temperature butter in the cake batter is one of the biggest cake baking mistakes. In fact, butter must be below 68° to trap air molecules and build structure. Otherwise, the fat will liquefy and the cake will be flat. To get “cool” butter, cut the chilled butter into chunks and let it sit in a bowl for 5 minutes before beating.

When Mixing Cake Batter:

You cannot over beat the eggs, sugar and butter, but you can over beat the flour. If you do, gluten will form and you will be making a quick bread instead of layer cake. Beat the flour just until there are no visible signs of dry flour, but not until the batter is completely smooth.

Cake Flour:

Cake flour is milled from soft wheat that has a lower gluten content and higher starch content than all-purpose flour. It helps to ensure a fluffy texture in cakes and pastries. A substitute for cake flour is to use all-purpose flour, but reduce the amount by 2 tablespoons per cup.

Green Food:

The food choices that we make every day have a profound effect on the environment. From farm to spoon, growing our food, processing it and transporting it all use tremendous amounts of energy, water and chemicals. By making just a few small changes in our eating and buying habits, we can greatly reduce this impact. When we eat green, we help the environment by reducing global warming pollution and help ourselves by eating fresh and healthy food. Eat local from farmers in your own neighborhood!